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What do we do all day? Here is a sample of some projects we have worked on lately:

  • Sales, internal communications and technical documents for a large-scale company based in Canada with 6,000 employees (Corporate Communications)
  • Policies and Procedures for a global corporation with over 850 locations throughout the United States and Canada (Corporate Communications)
  • Technical and promotional documents for an international, family-owned company with locations throughout Europe and North America (Technical/Corporate Communications)
  • Presentations and workshop materials for a local network for health care services for Francophone minorities in Canada (Education/Public Health)
  • Financial Statements and Annual Progress Reports for a Canadian exploration company (Finance)
  • Technical Specification of Requirements for the Canadian Navy Maritime Forces (Technical)
  • Administrative and promotional documents for a French elementary school (Education)
  • Business process documents for a mobile solutions provider (Corporate Communications)
  • User manuals for a communications company (Corporate Communications)
  • Marriage agreement (Legal)
  • Promotional materials for a Canadian pet supply retailer (Marketing)
  • TV guide and promotional material for a Canadian premium television service (Marketing)
  • Editing of a resume and cover letter for a job applicant (Human Resources)
  • Customer satisfaction survey for a health care institution (Corporate Communication/Health)
  • Brief for a corporate lawsuit involving customer injuries (Legal)
  • Press release and brochure for a cultural festival (Marketing/Arts)
  • Menus for a catering company
  • Curriculum and textbooks for a Canadian French language college (Education)
  • Website, newsletters and promotional documents for the Northern Canadian Territories (Corporate Communications/Marketing/Arts)